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Professional Software Company and Software Services:

JL OUTSOURCING is one of the best software company and software services agency . We make all kinds of work software for any industry, business establishment, shop at a relatively affordable price. If you want to manage all the work of your business perfectly with professional software, then contact us today.

Why is software important?:

All the activities of your business organization can be performed efficiently and effectively through the use of the software. Uses software to reduce workload and perform all activities automatically. Its use eliminates various man-made errors, resulting in increased efficiency and continuity of the organization. An organization has various activities, including payroll, inventory, accounting, personal, buying and selling. The software helps an organization manage everything smoothly.

Software Services:

We make any type of software according to the needs of your organization. Below are the various services of our software:

Accounting and inventory software

HR and payroll management software

Office management software with HRM

Point of sales software

Real estate and Property Management CRM

School/college management software

Garments ERP software

Company management CRM

Medicine shop management

Courier management system

Invoice Billing software

efood delivery software

Restaurant management software

Online tourism management software

Hospital management software

Product stock management software

Retail shop management software

Wholesale shop management software

Fashion and clothing shop management software

Super Shop / departmental shop management software

Footwear shop management software

Chemical shop management software

Hardware shop management software

Multi business management software

Computer shop POS software

Mobile shop POS management software

Stationery shop POS software

Salon and Spa management software

Electronic shop management software

Library/bookshop management software

Web and hosting company management software

Custom software as you need