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Professional SMS Marketing Service Company and SMS Service Agency:

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What is SMS marketing:

SMS marketing is the marketing of products or services of your business organization through SMS on mobile phones. SMS marketing is a lot like email marketing. With the help of this, different businesses send different types of marketing messages to their customers through SMS or text messages. The length of a text message is usually up to 160 characters.

These marketing messages include promotional messages, product launches, new lines, sales, various offers, etc.

Currently, SMS marketing is the most perfect and modern way to communicate with customers So SMS marketing is a popular medium for an organization and its customers.

What are the uses of SMS marketing:

Different businesses use SMS marketing for different purposes such as:

Promotion of new products or services

Sales and different types of offers

Different types of notifications

Delivery Updates

Appointments Updates

Important News

Customer Service


Also, SMS marketing can help in any business management activities.

                                Why SMS marketing is effective:

The popularity of mobile phones:

Most people nowadays use mobile phones. So it is very easy to reach the customer through SMS. Using links in SMS can easily increase traffic and sales.

Fast Delivery:

SMS can be delivered very fast. As soon as you press the send button, your message will reach thousands of subscribers. Most people always have their mobile phones with them so most of the customers are more likely to see the message while delivering the message. Usually, 90% of the messages are received by the subscribers within three minutes.

Higher response rate:

The more people open the text after sending an SMS, the better the response rate. After receiving a text message, on average 45% of the customers respond to the message. If the response rate is higher then sales will be higher. If you work according to a good plan, you will get a higher response rate.