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With the JL OUTSOURCING web designing course, you will be able to build a good web designing career by mastering various subjects including programming, scripting language and markup language. The course covers all the things you need to know to become a skilled web designer.

What is web design ?:

Web design means determining what a website will look like. The job of a web designer is to create a website template. For example, what will be the layout of the website, where will the menu be in the header, what will be the sidebar, how to use the images, etc. Each website is made up of HTML and CSS. If you can master HTML and CSS well then you can create any static website. There are several elements to web design. For example:

layout: Determining what a website will look like.

Colors: This means that it will be nice to see what kind of colors are used where on the website.

Graphics: How to use the logo, image, icon on the website.

Front: The website has different fronts for text. How to use these fonts.

Why take a web designing course:

At present many people are earning lakhs of Taka by web designing. There is a lot of demand for it as a profession and as a freelancer. At present trade, communication, transactions are all done through the website. Every organization and different people want to have a website. According to an estimate, over 2 million websites are added online every month. And whenever someone wants to create a website, a web designer is needed. That's why a web designer costs so much.

About this course:

Through our advanced web designing course, you will be able to gain good skills in various aspects of web design. Create any responsive web template. In the course, you will find more than 32 modules. There are also practical practice facilities and various examples from the real world.

What kind of qualifications are required to do the course:

Must have basic knowledge of computer usage


Training Duration – 3 Month Plus

Total – 32 Class

Weekly – 1/2/3 Class

per Class: two hours

Online and offline class facilities


Video tutorials

Unlimited practice

Recognized certification


Our specialty 

What are the benefits of this certificate:

-You can improve your CV

-It Will be helpful to get the job

-Able to improve career

All things you can learn:

➡️CSS3 Animation Effect
➡️Bootstrap 4
➡️Pixel Perfection Design
➡️latest web designing software and tools
➡️10 Projects Submission
➡️International Coding Standard

Project-based work in MarketPlaces:

• Perfect market place for you

• Profile creating

• Gig/hourly creating

• How to get the job?

Discuss 4/5 very easy gig (pdf, signature etc)

• Buyer communication skill

• Common error of getting any job.

•Payment method