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JL OUTSOURCING web development course will help you build a career as a professional web developer. The course covers all the topics that you need to know as a professional web developer.

What is web development:

Web development means when design or template, content management system and database combine these three things when creating a dynamic site. There are two parts to web development: front-end development and back-end development. The external part of a website is front-end development which is created using different codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. The job of back-end development is content management and database. When a web developer can do both front-end development and back-end development, he is called a full stack web developer.

A web developer makes a website data processing, database control, building security, controlling user and admin capabilities, making all application features functional and dynamic, and making the entire system efficient and usable.

Web Development Careers:

There is a great demand for a web developer in the local job and freelancing marketplace. You can make a lot of money by creating a client's website. A skilled web developer can earn 2 to 2.5 lakh BDT per month.

How long does it take to learn web development:

The subject of web development is a bit complicated and the ability to understand varies from person to person. In that case, it may take six months to one or two years to master it well.

About this course:

This course will teach in detail all the things you need to learn to be a skilled web developer such as markup language HTML and CSS, programming language PHP, database language SQL, JavaScript language etc. also various graphics works.

What kind of qualifications are required to do the course:

Must have basic knowledge of computer use.

You need to do our web design course.


Training Duration - 6 Month Plus

Total –48 Class

Weekly - 1/2/3 Class

Per Class: 2 hours

Online and Offline Class Benefits


Video tutorials

Unlimited practice

Recognized certification

What are the benefits of this certificate:

-You can improve your CV

-It Will be helpful to get the job

-Able to improve career

What software will be taught:


VS Code

Sublime Text


Web Browser

All the things you can learn:

Concept Of Static & Dynamic Website

Raw PHP Coding

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP

Dynamic Website Development

Admin Panel Integration

Laravel PHP Framework


Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe)

Final Project





Career Opportunity:

Web Application Developer

Web Developer

Software Engineer

Backend Developer

Backend Engineer