JL OUTSOURCING motion graphics course allows you to build a career as a professional motion graphics designer. The course is designed to cover all the topics that a professional motion graphics designer needs to know.

What is Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics refers to when motion is used in graphics. Motion graphics are widely used in television, drama, movies, music, advertising, branding, marketing. The title animation that we see before the start of a drama or a movie is a work of motion graphics. Motion graphics are also in great demand in online marketplaces and local jobs.

About this course:

This course will teach you how to perfect typography, 2D animation, 3D camera movement, logo animation, intro-outro, promotional video making, product video and UI animation through various software. Each subject will be taught in detail so that each student can understand it well. You will be taught how to work in different freelancing marketplaces.

What kind of qualifications are required to do the course:

Must have basic knowledge of computer use.


Training Duration - 6 Month Plus

Total - 52 Class

Weekly - 1/2/3 Class

Per Class: 2 hours

Online and Offline Class Benefits


Video tutorials

Unlimited practice

Recognized certification

What are the benefits of this certificate:

-You can improve your CV

-It Will be helpful to get the job

-Able to improve career

What software will be taught:

After Effects


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere Pro

Cinema 4D

All things you can learn:

2D Motion

3D Motion

Broadcasting Motion


Video Editing

Visual FX






Career Opportunity:

Promoter (Marketing)


Movie (Film Making)


2D Animator