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What is an e-commerce business:

E-commerce literally means electronic commerce or internet commerce. The process of selling any product or service through the internet is called e-commerce. E-commerce is basically a tool. With the help of these tools, you can easily manage your business and expand your business quickly. By using technology through the internet businesses that operate online through the Internet are called e-commerce businesses.

Marketing and planning is a very important part of any business. E-commerce tools are quite helpful in this regard such as target customer, market size, market segmentation, product value proposition, unique sales point, market access plan, marketing and sales plan, branding plan, customer service plan, competitor's, competitive Analysis etc. 

To run a business, different departments have to work in coordination. E-commerce provides a lot of support such as technical development, product development, product showcasing, sales and marketing, customer service, logistics department, payment department, etc.

There are different types of e-commerce businesses such as B to B? B to C? B to B to C? etc.

E-Commerce website development company:

JL OUTSOURCING is a reputed organization for e-commerce website development. We have been working as an e-commerce design, development and marketing expert since 2010. If you want to do business successfully online, take our help.

Custom Design and Development eCommerce Website

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We have skilled eCommerce web developers who specialize in creating eCommerce websites by hand-made code and CMS platform. If you want to create an e-commerce site with CMS platform then create an e-commerce site with the following CMS platform:









Zen Cart

Open Cart

                         All the technologies we use for professional development:

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                 Important Topics for E-Commerce Website:

✔️ Category Management

✔️ Product Inventory Management

✔️ Account and Profit Management

✔️ An easy checkout System

✔️ Search engine optimized code and layout

✔️ An integrated blog or articles Page

✔️ SMS Marketing with OPT System

✔️ The ability to scale up with any Device

✔️ Product Ratings & Comments Ratings

✔️ Customer relationship management- CRM

✔️ Product Management

✔️ Order and Delivery Management

✔️ Discount and Promotion Management

✔️ Sales Reports

✔️ Reporting tools

✔️ Email marketing integration

✔️ Multiple payment options (Master card, COD, etc.)

✔️ Content management capabilities

✔️ Customer Feedback

                              Our e-Commerce Services:

✔️ Custom e-commerce design

✔️ e-commerce customization

✔️ Development shopping cart

✔️ e-commercemaraketaplesa Development

✔️ e-Commerce plugin and module development

✔️ responsive e-commerce development

✔️ e-commerce App development

✔️ payment gateway integration

✔️ maintenance and support


                      Features of e-commerce website:


Product Management:

✔️ Product inserts, Edit, Delete and search

✔️ Final approval facility of Product Stock

✔️ Insert your product image

✔️ Edit Product Reviews

✔️ Showing similar items list

✔️ Developed Payment integration

✔️ Collection to store or regular shipping

✔️ Add facilities to Wish-list and Comparison functionalities

✔️ Share Buttons for different Social Media even email to the closest one

✔️ Different attributes like sizes, colors, models

✔️ Search Results rewrites and redirects

✔️ Multiple images per product

✔️ Products pictures zooming facilities

✔️ Choice List of products per page

✔️ Product sorting by relevance and price

✔️ Manufacturers, brands management

✔️ Inventory Management, Minimum and Maximum quantities

Statistics / graph-oriented Result:

✔️ Charts and Statistics showing with Interactive administrative dashboard

✔️ Dashboard statistics new customers vs. returning,

✔️ Most used discount codes statistics

✔️ IP white list system for user

✔️ Content management system

✔️ Database backup facilities

✔️ SMTP integration for e-mails sending

✔️ Products indexation for an optimized search

SMS and Email Integration:

✔️ Customer accounts by SMS

✔️ Order placed a confirmation

✔️ Payment confirmation by SMS and eMail


✔️ Product inventory report with attribute (color, size)

✔️ Reports on Party Ledger

✔️ Income Statement reports

✔️ Trial Balance report

✔️ Report on Sales and SMS

Customer Management System:

✔️ Manage customer accounts

✔️ Customer details and previous orders view

✔️ Individual Customers product reviews

✔️ Verify customer accounts by SMS

✔️ Order delivery tracking system

✔️ Delete customer accounts

✔️ Reset customer passwords

✔️ Export customers to Excel

Orders Management (OMS) :

✔️ Searching and sorting facility to find orders

✔️ Full authority to Manage and updated order status

✔️ Track order number with customer information

✔️ Auto Listed order number and all customer information

✔️ Delivery tracking status when order is placed

✔️ Applying Different offer and promotion (discount/offer / Coupon Code) on Order

✔️ Confirmation email when order is placed

✔️ Auto updated inventory list by Adding returned products

✔️ Adding private notes to the order

✔️ Customization on Orders statuses

✔️ Auto printed PDF invoices, slips and delivery slips

eCommerce Security:

✔️ SSL certificates

✔️ Secured versions of a framework

✔️ Plugins and themes are not infected by any virus

✔️ Protection against DDoS targets

✔️ Security auditing

✔️ Site monitoring

✔️ Protection from SQL Injection

✔️ Cookies encryption

✔️ Block repeated attempts to recover passwords,

✔️ Phishing and spam-protected

Web Content:

✔️ Home page content

✔️ Warranty Policy, Returns and Replacement, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy

✔️ Unlimited page creation facility

✔️ Live Chat integration