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The JL OUTSOURCING Advanced graphics designing course will help you build a career as a skilled graphics designer. The course is designed to cover all the topics that a skilled graphic designer needs to know.

About this course:

Graphic designers apply their design skills in various fields such as media, web design, production, animation, etc. The two most commonly needed software for learning graphics design are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This course will focus on this two software. With this software, various tasks will be taught hand-in-hand

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What is graphic design?

graphic design course Why do

Our specialty 

What kind of qualifications are required to do the course:

Must have basic knowledge of computer use.


Training Duration - 6 Month Plus

Total - 32 Class

Weekly - 1/2/3 Class

Per Class: 2 hours

Online and Offline Class Benefits


Video tutorials

Unlimited practice

Recognized certification

What are the benefits of this certificate:

-You can improve your CV

-It Will be helpful to get the job

-Able to improve career

what software will be taught:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe illustrator

All things you can learn:

Business Card Design

Flyer Design

Trifold/Fourfold Brochure Design

Product Packaging Design

Freelancing Guideline

Outsourcing Marketplace

Logo Concept Realization

Logo Making In Illustrator

Banner Design

Office Identity/Stationery Design

Certificate Design

Résumé Design

T-Shirt Design


Graphic River




Career Opportunity:

Multimedia Manager

Visual Designers

Print Design Expert

Graphics Designer

Creative Director

Creative Executive

Brand Promoter

Layout Artist

Logo Designer

UI Designer